Tinder hookup confessions

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tinder hookup confessions

tinder hookup confessions

Therefore, we expect our users to help us keep it that way by abiding by our rules. The full list of rules can be found HERE. All submissions tinder hookup confessions be a confession. A confession is defined in this subreddit as: Your sexual exploration is not a confession; it's a part of finding out who you are. Helping one another also means that we do not encourage bad behavior.

We will not accept posts that: You must place dating danish girl of the following post tags in the body of your post:. You may place one of the following commenting tags in the title of your post:. With the exception of [light] posts, we do not accept posts with limited context.

We abide by a three strike system here. Three rule violations will result in at least a three day ban. Message the moderatorswe don't bite often. I had a Tinder hookup, it was totally risky and stupid, but it was amazing! Early yesterday morning, Saturday, I got a message from a cute guy I liked on Tinder the day before.

I have never used online dating and just recently became separated from my husband. I ended up leaving the family home about two months ago because my now ex also has a drug addiction among other things. The deal was we were separated but had committed to staying faithful to each other while he was seeking treatment. He confessed about three weeks later that he already had a girlfriend. I had already created the profiles to see if I could catch him so I decided to maybe check them out for their intended purpose.

I'm maybe a little heart broken but even more so it's like a huge weight has been lifted off my chest. I know I did everything I possibly could to save our marriage, but in the end there was nothing left to save and his infidelity gave me the justification I felt I needed to walk away. We are getting a divorce and I'm relieved. I really have no desire to jump back into a relationship. We have three kids that I have sole custodyof them at this point and I am returning to school to start tinder hookup confessions new career.

I don't have the time and my children need all of me right now. I had no expectations of meeting anyone, I was just checking out the sites for shits and giggles. It has been a long time since I dated and tinder hookup confessions though I am happy with who I am and I discovered Tinder hookup confessions a little self-conscious about the way my body looks now after three tinder hookup confessions and being almost 40 I have started to age. I really didn't tinder hookup confessions anyone to swipe me or message me, I was very wrong, and very flattered.

The One website that I was using ended up being a bit of a joke because almost every guy who messaged me was a total pig and wanted to send me pictures of their penises so I just deleted that one. Tinder on the other hand is a lot of fun. I have messaged a couple people back-and-forth a little but for the most part I just like ego boost when I get a match.

That was until yesterday morning that is. I was up early and heard the familiar ping. I checked my phone and saw the most amazingly sexy man had sent me a message. We chatted back-and-forth all day. He was at work though, so it was fairly limited no deep conversations or anything like that. Eventually he asked me if I would be interested in meeting him that night.

It just so happened my kids were with their dad because his mother had rented some poolside hotel rooms so all of her grandkids could go water sliding and spend the night with their respective parents. This also meant of course all of my in-laws were staying at a hotel. As I'm talking to Mr. Tider Tinder hookup confessions find out tinder hookup confessions he is in my city working for a few weeks and staying in a hotel, just so happens to be the same hotel my children are staying at with my ex-husband.

I was still on the fence as to whether I was going to accept his invitation, until he sent me another picture of himself. After I saw that picture I knew I would be doing myself a great injustice by not going to meet him at the very least. I consider myself a very sex positive person, before I was married I thoroughly enjoyed casual encounters but I had never done so with a complete stranger. My husband and I have been together for 14 years and married for I am not a cheater so he is the only man I have been with and our marriage has been on the rocks due to his addictions for at least four years.

The intimacy had been gone for a long time before we separated. I spare the details but I decided to go. Not only did I decide to go but since it was so late we decided to skip meeting for drinks and I went straight to his hotel room. I still can't believe I took that risk. I told both my brother and my mother where I was going, talk about awkward, and I also gave them his first and last name As well as the name of the company he works for and his phone number.

I was fairly confident all of this information was correct because I went ahead and stalked him on Facebook first. I know the entire Facebook profile could have been made up to but there were comments from family and the account was at least five years old. You may be thinking, well that was stupid, but I wonder if it was worth it? As I already said I will spare you the details, but it was more than worth the risk, it was probably some of, if not the best "risk" of my life!

I'm actually going back tonight for more! I I have been on cloud nine all day. Not only was it tinder hookup confessions the risk but he is a super nice guy. We have tons of stuff in common and I was very upfront with him about where I am at in life so he's not going to be offended that I do not want a relationship with him beyond friends, but when he is in my city I'll be happy to go visit him at his hotel.

I hooked up with a guy from Tinder and even though I put myself into a risky situation I don't regret it at all and haven't felt this great in years! I'll fix it later when I'm home. Glad to hear you had a great time! I had a similar hookup at a recent conference and jesus did it do wonders for my confidence. Although risky, Tinder is goddamn amazing.

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tinder hookup confessions

My First: Tinder Hook Up (Part 1)

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