Taeny rumor dating

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taeny rumor dating

taeny rumor dating

TAEYEON is a femme lesbian, also known as lipstick lesbian, which is the more feminine counterpart of the well-known, sometimes stereotypical, butch version. As a fan, I only know her to a certain degree. Taeyeon looks feminine, acts feminine, is actually very feminine. However, in terms of homouality, femininity is nothing but another trait.

Taeyeon coops up a lot of emotions inside of her and she can only express them when she sings, a reason why every ballad stage she performs gets very emotional and poignant. I assume this is because Taeyeon feels most comfortable with them and that she trusts them very much. Her IG account proves a lot. In order to save face and cope with it, she puts up a straight, outgoing front that can make a fool out of anyone but can also make the straightest girl in the world gay.

Now, she may have dated a few men like Leeteuk based on rumors that may or may not be true before, however, dating the opposite does not guarantee the heterouality of a person. I can personally confirm this. The Taeyeon and Tiffany pairing seems so real, it pushes some shippers to believe in them to the point of being delusional. I believe that they have unique feelings for each other. Stronger than friendship, better taeny rumor dating romance.

The scandal did not estrange this ship, if anything, it made it unsinkable. Where there is Taeyeon, there is Tiffany and vice versa. And the fact that Taeyeon and Tiffany are too touchy feely even for Asian girls when in contrary, she taeny rumor dating very awkward if it was some other person, only fed the fire and made it grow bigger. But what makes them even more real are the subtle gestures that either girl do for the other on and off camera.

She has the eyes of love. So, are they dating? Like I taeny rumor dating, Korea is conservative and the taeny rumor dating is keen. Some of you might disagree with me, might even jump to conclusions and say negative things, but remember, this is only a speculation about how Taeyeon might be secretly gay. Well, what if taeny rumor dating really is gay? My God is not a judgmental homophobe.

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taeny rumor dating

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