Paradigm ps-1000 hook up

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paradigm ps-1000 hook up

paradigm ps-1000 hook up

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Forum Help paradimg Feedback. Home Theater Forum Meets. Your name or email address: Forum List New Posts Log in Your name or email address: Search titles only Posted by Member: Separate names with a comma. Search this thread only Search this forum only Display results as threads. Menu Forums Forums Quick Links. HOME THEATER Beginners, General Questions Home Theater Projects New Member Introductions. Reviews Official Home Theater Forum Reviews. The Paradigm PS in my room Oct 31, Messages: I all deleted my post.

LOL Before posting my results, I will test my sub in a better paradigmm. I think that I wasnt at the paeadigm place for the test. There was more bass behind me and i can go nearer the wall when the bass punch more. I cant hooj right now cuz parxdigm parents sleep but ill test my sub tomarrow. Tom, you will understand why I told ya that my sub is very strong in the upper bass range. I would like to have a sub like that but stronger in the low end, and more accurate If you suggest me a sub which is less punchy that mine, forget p-1000 lol!

Some people think that a SVS PCi cant stack up against mine for the upper bass. Please dont take it bad, I dont want to put down ur products and Im sure that your SVS are damn good But I still want THAT FREAKY upper bass punch. There is a big difference between parzdigm and 60 Hz probably because things vibrated so much at 50 Hz that was CRAZY so objects contribute for a higher spl maybe lol!

Im gonna do the same test again just to see if the results are ok. I didnt make the sub bottoming out I tried to test all the thing without audible distortion. If some value change Secondly I want that you get this. I dont post hookk results to proove that paradigm ps-1000 hook up sub is better than another. In fact I think that my sub is poor lol accuracy, boominess!

So I post these results more in order to make you think of what new sub I paradigm ps-1000 hook up like to have. Thank you for advicing px-1000 if you will. Dec 25, Psradigm Have you actually heard an SVS yet? Paradig, E F Stunt Coordinator. Nov 18, Messages: I also own the Paradigm PS It is an awesome for the money I paid. This is definately a respectable sub, but I wouldn't dare say it was better than an SVS, or even close in performance without doing a side by side comparison first.

Oct 30, Messages: I've had a PS for quite some time. For Home Theater, it's incredible, especially for the money. However, for music it seems to be slow and boomy. It's definately not designed for music. I still really like it, but around here, comparing it in any way to an SVS is asking for trouble. Mar 10, Messages: Getting a bandpass enclosure right is damn near impossible if not impossible PS series are bandpass designs.

Very very tough to get a bandpass enclosure paradigm ps-1000 hook up produce paradigm ps-1000 hook up clean bass paradigm ps-1000 hook up in the last octave. Very easy to get a bandpass enclosure to play loud, especially in the higher bass frequencies. But even so, here are some Nousaine numbers on the PS and pps-1000 couple other subs.

Paradigm almost screwed up the PW, but it is still very respectable. SVS and Adire got it right ie didn't make much ps-1000 compromise on porting or pafadigm. I suggest you go to your local dealer and compare a PW to a PS or side by side. Tell us what you think after that 2ne1 dating ban not lifted. The Hsu VTF2 is also in the PS price yook and if put in max output parzdigm would open a wide gap for punchy upper bass from the PS Constant Area Screen - The Only Way To Go My Home Theatre Page.

Dave Schofield Second Unit. Sep 30, Messages: Dustin, did Nousaine test the PDR series? Just the PDR10 is on the list TV compiled. Apr 24, Messages: I owned both the PDR10 and PS I had the PDR10 for 1 week - it wasn't doing anything close to what I wanted. I had it for 2 years in college and then 2 years out of college. It did the job for movies, but for music it was very boomy I use my system mainly for music.

I purchased an SVS gasp. It blows the socks off of the PS There is absolutely no comparison. The PS kind of did. For music it is very tight and accurate. It plays the entire range wonderfully. It fixed everything I did not like about the PS boom boom boom. Paradigm ps-1000 hook up makes great products I also had the 3seMKII speakers. SVS is a step above for subsin my opinion.

Feb 19, Messages: I have a Patadigm with the rest of my Paradigm setup. It is a nice sub, but Ps-100 know there are better. I can't quite afford an SVS. I agree that it is a little paradign with music, but I have taken a lot of time to properly place it to minimize the effect. Overall I am happy with it, but eventually I want to get a better sub and use the PS dedicated to the rear speakers, and have the second one for the front and LFE.

Jook only way to safely double your money is to fold it over once and place it back in your pocket. I didnt say that my sub beat the crap out of the SVS PCi.

paradigm ps-1000 hook up


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