Moscow dating scene

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moscow dating scene

moscow dating scene

MOSCOW — Marc Hasara, an American bachelor determined to find a wife, moscow dating scene giddy with anticipation. Running on adrenaline, he has barely slept for days, knowing he's about to meet the Russian woman he intends to marry. Though he's never set eyes on Tanya, his prospective bride, he's brimming with confidence based on the barrage of letters, photos and phone calls they've exchanged since connecting through an American-Russian matchmaking service.

A handsome, athletic, year-old gas company worker from near Los Angeles, he is among 30 American men who flew to Moscow for the chance to mingle with several hundred Russian women equally eager to check them out. Russian-American matchmaking services have flourished since the Soviet breakup. Dozens of firms in both countries link up American men, mostly middle-age, prosperous and lonely, with Russian women, mostly 10 to 20 years younger and struggling financially.

Asked why they want a foreign husband, Russian women tick off a long list of shortcomings among Russian males, with drunkenness at the top. Tired of insensitive Russian men, the Russian women will bluntly ask an American man they've just met, "How do you kiss? For their part, the American men invariably cite the striking beauty of the Russian women, their demure femininity and willingness to assume a traditional role moscow dating scene wife and mother.

Dave Besuden, moscow dating scene head of Anastasia Tours, which organized the trip on the American side, says he always tells his clients a good news-bad news joke before they come: The good news is that it's still years away. At the Moscow dating scene Express nightclub, set in the shadow of the Kremlin, the men and women socialize for three days and nights as best they can, considering most don't share a language.

It's an odd scene, tinged with desperation and a sense that dreams will be dashed rather than realized. In the cavernous club, the Russian women outnumber the American men 4 to 1. While the men stroll about, most women sit silently along the walls, beneath the leopard-print curtains, waiting to be approached. The rock music is deafening. Introductions are awkward, usually requiring an interpreter. A dinner date afterward automatically becomes a threesome.

Peter Draper, a year-old firefighter from outside San Francisco, is on his third matchmaking trip to Russia, still searching for the right woman. Moscow dating scene spent all of February in Tver, north of Moscow, dating more than 20 women. He's asked several to come moscow dating scene the United States, but all turned him down. Other women have offered to be his wife, but he has declined. Still, he has faith. The odds of a successful match may be long, but the matchmaking firms say they have produced thousands of Russian-American marriages in recent years.

They help moscow dating scene lonely hearts make long-distance contact through letters, e-mails and videos, then face-to-face moscow dating scene the "socials. Nina Rubasheva, who runs Vesta-Fortune, the Russian group organizing this event, says she has married off hundreds of clients over the last five years and has 1, single women in her files.

When she launched her company five years ago, it was moscow dating scene of an "emigration service" for young Russian women desperate to leave. And at that time, many of the women were leggy blonds. Now there's a greater cross-section. All the women are well-dressed, most are educated, some speak English. A fair number are divorced and have a child.

When Hasara first learned about the matchmaking tours, he was searching for a certain type of woman--Pamela Anderson, the buxom, blond lifeguard on TV's "Baywatch. While waiting several days for Moscow dating scene to arrive from the Siberian oil town where she lives, Hasara has been unable to sleep in Moscow, rising every morning at 4 a. When Marc Hasara meets Tanya for their first date, moscow dating scene are the only people in the restaurant, but they wouldn't notice if the place was packed.

Before they receive the bill, Hasara proposes, and Tanya accepts. Since neither drinks, they celebrate their engagement with a cup of tea. They will have five days together, touring snowy Moscow and planning a life together in sunny California. Before Hasara returns home to await the arrival of Tanya and her daughter, he offers a piece of advice: There are diamonds here, and I found one. American Bachelors Go Looking for Love in Moscow.

moscow dating scene

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