Homeland carrie and quinn hook up

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homeland carrie and quinn hook up

homeland carrie and quinn hook up

Johnknown in the CIA as Peter Quinnwas a CIA paramilitary officer who was assigned to lead a surveillance team consisting of Carrie MathisonSaul BerensonVirgil and Max to observe Congressman Nicholas Brody after it was discovered that Brody had attempted to assassinate Vice President William Walden. Eventually, after two meetings with Brody, Carrie felt that her assignment had been discovered by him and informed him that she knew about his role with Abu Nazir.

Brody was then arrested, much to Quinn and Saul's dismay. Brody was taken to an intelligence base homeland carrie and quinn hook up he was interrogated by Quinn. After Quinn was dragged from the room, Carrie took over the interrogation, while Quinn revealed to Saul that this was his plan. Carrie showed Brody her love for him, managing to get him to reveal that he had worn a yp vest and informing her that although he didn't know Nazir's plan, he believed that Roya Hammad might know.

After homelan Roya and failing to identify a contact of hers, Quinn and Carrie called in Brody, who also failed, but revealed to him that the Gettysburg tailor was dead. Knowing this, after having wasted time with a team watching the shop, Quinn, Danny Galvez and a team went to Gettysburg. While there, Carrie revealed details of a meeting Brody had with Roya, informing him that there was something there.

Enemy Intel that Roya had wanted to recover. After Carrie warned him to be careful and just as he discovered a hollow wall, the CIA team was attacked by enemy assailants, killing most of them and wounding Quinn xnd Galvez. It was later discovered hommeland Saul, Virgil and Max that Quinn was hired to assassinate Brody whenever Abu Nazir was caught, or killed. However, Quinn later refused to kill Brody, as it would hurt Carrie and told Estes that if Brody was killed, that he would ohmeland killed, as well.

John "Peter Quinn" told Carrie that he was born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania in the United States of America. He also tells her that he attended The Hill School and Harvard University. New Car Smell Quinn tells cagrie landlady he did not have a degree. Murray Abraham Dar Adal tells Carrie that Quinn was found by the CIA as a sixteen year old foster child in Baltimore. He later met a woman named Julia Diaz. The two have a son together, Cwrrie, Jr. Hook to Dar Adal, at sixteen years old, Quinn was found in a Baltimore foster home and was homeland carrie and quinn hook up by the CIA and two years later became the youngest SAD officer of the agency, due to his natural talent.

He served under Dar Homeland carrie and quinn hook up. Two Hats Broken Hearts. After Saul Berenson discovered a video homelamd Congressman Nicholas Brody admitting his part in an attempt on Qkinn President William Walden 's life, he showed it to Carrie Mathison and David Estes. After Estes viewed the tape, he and Saul discussed putting together a small team to watch Brody, with Estes insisting on assigning his own choice to head the team. Estes selected Quinn for the assignment.

Unknown to Saul, Carrie and Brody, Quinn was hired for the assignment to assassinate Brody when the team no longer needed his assistance in finding and killing, or capturing, Abu Nazir. Quinn met Saul and soon after Carrie, where the latter two got off to a rocky start before collaborating together on the assignment. Not long after their mission began, Carrie received a call from Congressman Brody, asking her to meet him at a hotel bar for a drink.

She quickly accepted and met with him. Hooj a conversation and a drink with Brody, he left to his hotel room. Quinn and Saul asked Carrie to wrap it up and return to the surveillance headquarters, but she insisted that her cover was finished and that Brody had noticed that she was after him. She went to Brody's room and told him that they had little time together, revealing that she knew he was working for Abu Nazir.

After a brief confrontation with Carrie, Brody was arrested by the surveillance team. After his arrest, Brody was taken to the intelligence base, where he was soon questioned by Peter, who asked him various question about his captivity, as well as Homeladn Nazir and homelannd son, Issa. After Brody lied to Quinn about knowing Issa and having been involved in a plot to assassinate Vice President Walden, Quinn revealed the hmeland of Brody stating his intention to assassinate Walden.

Quinn left the room to let Brody think on his next homepand before returning. Receiving truthful answers the second time, Brody still wouldn't admit that he was wearing a suicide vest when he was with Walden and other American higher-ups on December 17, In apparent anger, Quinn drew his knife from his pocket and impaled it through Brody's left hand. Quinn was dragged from the room, screaming, appearing to be angry hoo frustrated.

However, this was only a plan to get Carrie in the room with Brody to play good cop and get hoook from Brody. She soon succeeded, revealing to Brody her love for him and convinced him to help the CIA find Nazir, to which he agreed. Brody revealed that anf was a plot Nazir had homeland carrie and quinn hook up to attack America and that even though he homeland carrie and quinn hook up sure what it was, he believed that Roya Hammad might have some information about it.

Quinn and Carrie soon began watching Roya, with other agents following her. She met with an associate, whom Carrie asked Virgil to track, but he got away. With no leads to go on and no facial recognition, even with a clean picture, Carrie convinced Quinn to ask for Brody's assistance in identifying the man. Brody later arrived and spoke with Carrie and Quinn about the man, claiming that he'd never seen him before.

Brody looked at Carrie, who was standing next to a photo of the Gettysburg tailor Brody had mentioned to them before. Quinn noticed that Brody had information about something and questioned him. Brody revealed that he knew the tailor and that on the hoko to a safe house, homelanr tailor died. Brody avoided mentioning that he had killed the tailor, crrie Quinn questioned him about it.

Angered that the CIA had wasted time with having a team watch the tailor's shop, he decided to go to Gettysburg himself.

homeland carrie and quinn hook up

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