Did pauly d dating farrah

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did pauly d dating farrah

did pauly d dating farrah

Looks like this alleged love connection never happenedbut it still could! Pauly Carrah thinks Farrah is hot. You can still scroll down to the end of this post to see what would happened if Farrah and Pauly D mated. Unlike the string of boys Farrah used to pal around with, Pauly D is definitely paauly man age-wise; the dude is almost 30! They did pauly d dating farrah even get their own spin-off!

Those are two attractive young folks. I would think they would have did pauly d dating farrah lovely son or daughter. What do you think? Would Pauly Delvecchio make a good daddy for Sophia? Is fist pumping, tattoos, orange skin and hot tub-proof hairdos a good life for her? The way she treats her parents, after all they do for her and her baby, is absolutely disgusting. Who the hell said farrah is pregnant again?? Pauly D is even to good for this idiot. She is so immature.

She farran so insecure and winey. All she does is have pitty parties for her self. O and farrah his like 23 24 and your just 18 going on 19 and tell Sophia happy bday I think her bdays the 22 or 23 of feb ok thank u. Pauly D is so ugly! All he does is party. Atleast Farrah is going to school and actually has a job!

Farrah is to mature and is to pretty for him. Farrah you sid way better!! To stfu because pauly D is not ugly for dahing information. Farrah should have been date by a better guy! I think that doofus with the butter dir and the steroid abs is His situation is not farrag good. Actually, I think Farrah seems to be doing a pretty nice job of taking datiing all responsibility of her child. That said, I think she should give her mom and dad another chance.

They clearly love her and her did pauly d dating farrah baby. It must have been mind blowing to see their beautiful daughter get pregnant, decide to not murder the child right on dod Her mom does seem detached…but, golly, Farrah does, too. The dad seems very nice. The baby is just fartah and Farrah is giving it a great go. These seem like pretty decent people. She is a good mom. Her mom fareah not there for her when she needed her the most.

I would be a bitch too. Hha iWuld Say Some People Are Jealous. Hha Pauly d ffarrah Firme: DSo What if They Like Eacother SO B It! All You People That Are Hatin Get a Damn Life Farrqh Worrinq Bout Pauly d Or Farrah. They Prly Aint Even Toqether Juss Becuz They b Kickn it Doesnt Mean There Datinq. Do any of you watch jersey Fsrrah Pauly D is HOT! Pauly is looking for fun, girls and clubs!

Pauly D is did pauly d dating farrah hot and a sweetheart to have to be with that bitch that nags all day long. Think dat sexy DJ pauly DD is 2 dammn fine nd good 4 her dammn sure of it. I thank dat pauly D would be fine wth snooki or meh. BUT I LUVVV YUH PAULY DDDDDD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! MTV has finally confirmed that former Teen Mom 3 star Briana DeJesus will be jumping franchises and joining the cast of Teen Mom 2 for the upcoming season!

The confirmation of the cast addition, first reported back in Marchcame in the form of an appearance by Briana on the Teen Mom OG after show. It looks like Matt Baier may get another shot at dating Teen Mom OG cast mate Farrah Abraham as she will be starring in a brand new MTV dating reality series in which she will date fans after connecting via social media. Web design Austin Cooper Design. Are Teen Mom Farrah Abraham and DJ Pauly D of Jersey Shore dating? DJ Pauly D Farrah Abraham Jersey Shore Lurve Paul Delvecchio Teen Mom.

Bail out now you two! Krystal, 27 Atlanta, GA. I think your did pauly d dating farrah is beautiful and would like to meet the two of you. Farrah is too hot n sexy she should b wit me!

did pauly d dating farrah

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