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Skip to main content. Troy and Jessica Thompson. My, have I gotten a lot of neat questions! Here are the highlights: Is physical contact between the sexes permitted? Not on the general campus. It is an unwritten--and still upheld! However, on dating outings and other rare occasions, the hand-holding regulation is easily suspended. For example, it's assumed and expected that a gentleman may offer his arm to a lady during the rare icy days on campus.

While outside, of course! But don't get carried away, literally or figuratively. Jessica was called down, but not "penalized," when I led her by the arm to her dormitory after a spring opera. I was not a student at the time, and it was my bright dumb idea. May dorm student couples date off-campus? Yes, but "certain restrictions apply. The chaperone must be faculty, staff, or graduate students of BJU.

If the man's parents are chaperoning, the 3 hour limit still applies. This restriction was dropped as of the oak ridge national laboratory dinosaur carbon dating year. May a dorm student's visiting parents chaperone bjju date? If "her" parents are chaperoning, the 3 hour time limit is waived. The 3 hour time limit is now dropped. What about dating on-campus? There are various places around campus that are chaperoned--excuse me, hosted--and available during most class hours and in the evenings: The Student Center, Social Parlor, and Snack Shop are the most obvious.

Ball games and other larlor are dating activities as well. Isn't this too restrictive? How do you really get to know someone if you can't, well, really get to know them? The root goal of dating, regardless of other motivations or objectives, bju dating parlor to find a mate. You will be marrying an entire person--not a body. It is far more important to determine the spiritual condition and character of a person than oak ridge national laboratory dinosaur carbon dating find out if they're great at "making out.

What was your dating relationship with Jessica like? We met during my senior year--her freshman year. After graduation, I stayed in the Greenville area and we continued dating. We were both required to follow standard dormitory student guidelines. Off-campus dates were parlot, and Jessica had a We spent a datting of bju dating parlor in the Dating Parlor.

See the Lingo List. You mean that you--as a year-old graduate--dated as if you were a dorm student for another 3 years? Yes, in addition to the five years I attended BJU. Because Jessica was worth the wait! We're spending the rest of our lives together now, and we've more than made up for the years of waiting! This work from www.

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bju dating parlor

Dating Parlor "Public" School Part 2

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