Dating robots japan

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dating robots japan

You can get a head start now, if you have connections to anyone from Osaka University. Their robotics engineers have managed to create Geminoid F, a female jzpan that looks like a Eurasian girl, can blink, respond to eye contact and recognize body language. Geminoid F was inspired by a Nintendo DS game called Dating robots japan Plus, which simulates a high school love story and players can choose between three female characters.

The result of that is a robot that is remarkably life-like, with her soft, feminine features. She can dating robots japan hold eye contact, blink or change her gaze, depending on how the person she interacts with behaves. But creating a seamless human-like robot may be next to impossible for now because real human movement is smooth, while robotic movement is still more jerky and abrupt.

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dating robots japan

fish in pond dating site

Japan humanoid robot receives customers at department store

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