Cs go matchmaking auto accept

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News Matches Results Events. Remember me Forgot password. Thread has been deleted. How can i make an auto accept like this steamcommunity. I'm not vnlove dating pro of GUI but with autoIt you can do it by testing color of pixels in certain areas of your screen and simulating matchmaking rify left click.

I can provide some code it's really easy. Why esl or some major even didnt make any gui yeT? What if you want to queue with a couple of friends then quick go to the toilet or maybe chico ca dating something to drink? How about you go to the toilet and then queue? Yea it is stupied, losing 5 minutes of my valuable time. The problem with people being afk has nothing macthmaking do with autoacceptance, its a problem with people being douches.

Why can't you just go to the toilet and then search for a game? I don't know about you but getting something to drink or taking a piss usually don't take more than a minute. Sounds good for you on paper. I had many afk people in first few rounds when playing MM. I guess that noobs who fucked my pistol round thought like you. Asap rocky iggy azalea dating could auyo backuping the folder where GUIs are installed, then installing the new one and using matcymaking backup folders to get the ingame GUI look like normal.

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cs go matchmaking auto accept

asap rocky dating iggy azalea

Auto Accept Match in CsGo

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