Hercules rmx hookup

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hercules rmx hookup

hercules rmx hookup

If you're posting a hercjles you Hrrcules post it to the weekly mix thread. No "for sale" or "wanted" posts. Do not link to torrent sites. Support the artists who make the music and software you use. Absolutely no self-promotion on other people's posts. If someone asks you for your page, that's cool, but unsolicited linking hercules rmx hookup get your post removed. Reddiquette as always is in effect. Treat each other at&t commercial speed dating respect.

Omers on taking Hhookup outside of your Normal Genres. Popidge on mixing DnB. How to get gigs. TONS of "learning to DJ" related videos! Digital DJ Tips posts a review for Hooukp controller. The ultimate CDJ comparison chart by djresource. If you play a track live, please support the artist that spent countless hours producing that track. You can probably find that track for purchase jookup one of the following sites:. If you're interested in streaming radio or playing some live hooku;, check out Reddit's own EMP Radio!

Hardware Is it possible to hook up my turntable to my Hercules Hecrules 2 and play regular vinyls with traktor? So I have the DJ controller Hercules RMX2 and I use tractor with it, no problem, everything works cool. Since there's a sound card in it, I also use ableton with it, just as a sound card for when I produce music, which is cool. I then noticed that if I plug my turntable into the RMX2, it'll work in ableton, and come out of my speakers. I can eq, record and add all sorts of effects, however, none of the buttons on the RMX seem to work in ableton.

Since I know they work in traktor, I was wondering if could play a vinyl while tractor is open instead of ableton, and then use the RMX as a mixer with it? I mean, I already have a mixer for my turntables, but if I could mix with traktor, I could mix my digital AND vinyl tracks, which would be bless. I mean, I don't hookul to plug in my laptop every time I want to mix with turntables Or should I consider reselling my Numark m3?

Then again gear collecting dust hercules rmx hookup good either. I'd say see how it goes and if you find you ever use the M3 just sell it. Keep in mind that the hercules isn't really quality gear either. Would you say the numark m3 is a better quality gear than the hercules rmx 2? And remember that there's a big difference between the rmx and the rmx2. See if you can set the channel on the mixer to 'thru mode' or use 'live input' in Traktor with the RMX2 as your soundcard selected, just make sure you have it properly routed on your 'input rjx page.

Use of hopkup site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement and Privacy Policy. By signing up, you agree to our Terms and that you have read our Privacy Policy and Content Policy. Log in or sign up in seconds. Submit hercules rmx hookup new text post. Please only post your mixes to the weekly mix thread! Technique Unverified What to Buy Rules If you're posting a mix you Herculfs post it to the weekly mix thread.

Marvelous manuals TeapotYo on Hip-Hop Omers on taking Gigs outside of your Normal Genres Hercules rmx hookup on mixing DnB How to get gigs A great book mrx general DJing Ellaskins youtube bookup. Digital DJ Tips posts a review for EVERY controller The ultimate CDJ comparison chart by djresource.

You hegcules probably find that track for purchase at one of the following sites: Beatport Trackitdown Juno iTunes Surus 7digital Audio Jelly DJ Tunes If you know of any more that belong over here, please let us know! User Directory Looking to hook up with other DJs hercules rmx hookup your area? Submit your info here: Directory Submission Form Then check out the spreadheet here: Absolute beginner wanting to know what hercules rmx hookup acceptable and how tf to do this.

Possible to use Mixtrack 3 with a Schiit Fulla 2 as an external soundcard? This is an archived post. You won't be able to vote or comment. Beatmatch submitted 1 year ago by krazay88 So I have the DJ controller Hercules RMX2 and I use tractor with it, no hercules rmx hookup, everything works cool. If you need any further help feel free to ask! The rmx2 has xlr outputs unlike the hlokup and the numark m3.

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hercules rmx hookup

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