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Prev 1 2 3 4 Next. I already saw some threads about this, but the situation was somewhat different, because they had issues with Practice Games. A few hours ago, I was starting a Quick Matchmaknig with Diablo, when the Cursed Hollow loading screen appeared. In the first few minutes the game wasn't loading. I decided do wait a while, and the game went back to the main menu. I thought that that happened because the game couldn't load and it shut down allowing me to start a new one.

Clicking Ready again causes the warning: I tried relogging, and got a Game in Progress message. Clicking Rejoin shows the lcoked screen for Cursed Hollow again and a quick Pop up saying Waiting for Speed dating definition merriam webster, with the names and a 0 afterwards. Trying to join a new game shows the aforementioned warning as well. I tried to fix this by doing matchmaking rating sc2 I read in threads about this: Relogged at least 10 locker and tried to rejoin the game with the same effect; 2.

Playing a Training game to the end: Waiting for the game to end: Even bots would end the game by strcraft, assuming that this happened with all 10 players. Thank you for your help. I would really like starcraft matchmaking locked this issue to be resolved asap since sundays are the best day for me to play ; Cheers, Samwisius.

I tried to be as descriptive as I can be, but if someone knows more details that I should put here please say the word ; Sorry for the doubleposting. I'm having this issue aswell - haven't been able to mixxer hookup since it happened: I have the exact same problem, happent like hours ago, and cursed hollow also.

I really hope that someone does something to fix this. And now it suddenly works normally, weird: Having the same problem as the original post. Cursed Hollow, loading bar frozen, at first i let it several minutes and nothing happened. On relogging, I get prompt to reconnect, after a while it kicks me matchmaklng to main menu and when trying to enter a game, the message You cannot enter matchmaking queue because your status has been locked appears.

I no longer have the issue, it just returned to normal after some time. I'm also having a similar problem as the original post. When I relog the only option is rejoin the game, witch in my case was a solo practice match, but after a short seconds loading screen for the Dragon Shire map I get in to the normal HotS menu. But when I try to start a game I get the "You cannot enter matchmaking dating definition merriam webster because your status has been locked.

And I can't join my friends party or invite them. I can start the Dating definition merriam webster and Stagcraft though. I have tried to reboot the game several plenty of fish hookup tips, but with the same result. It happens to me to! I have the same issue. Status has been locked, upon restarting the game, I get matchmaking locked starcraft 2 message sc2 matchmaking screen my game is in progress, if I try to rejoin that game I get thrown back to loading screen.

I'm uncertain which map I was trying to load, as I was alt tab'ing while the game was loading. I'm having the matchmaking for marriage by name issue also. Just tried to load up a practice game to try out the new free heroes and the game crashed while loading.

I tried to open it up and re-join and get the same message as everyone else. It was loading Cursed Garden. Same to me just now. Very Buggy game, very buggy. And of course nobody helps. Same here with dragon Shire map Man i starcrart to do some practice on cursed hollow when it went me back to main menu i tried to do to anything but didn't work: It kept saying my status was locked.

My answer for now: A- Severe Penalty if it lasts B- quiting a game. C- Game still running. It just happened to me as well. So whats the solution just wait? I have gotten the same message after 5 relogs - including battle. After some reading on reddit and other posts, many seem to say they were playing vikings - as was I - if that helps any. I'm assuming the best solution is to wait it out. Also, i doubt it was any sort of penalty,I have never left a game early and had been afk for an hour before relogging.

Hope this helps blizz. Have something to say? Log in to join the conversation.

sc2 matchmaking

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