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how does arena matchmaking work wow

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Arena Matchmaking System FAQ Source. Share on Twitter Share on Facebook. It means we are finding teams that as near as possible match the ability of your team. It means that you are being matched as fairly arena matchmaking wow possible. We would rather those teams win half their matches. Yeah, so why is my rating still going down then? For example, if we are matching you against rated teams, and you are winning half the time, it will drop to It is likely that those teams have an MMR ofeven though their TR is This means that even though they look like or rated teams, they have been playing more like rated teams this season.

How will I get to ? We take this into account. We do believe that we can improve the experience for teams that start at and go down from there. However, the changes we prefer merit waiting for the next arena season. While I understand all of what you typed, it also means I'm done with arenas. Because apparently I made the mistake how does arena matchmaking work wow playing arena season with my friends and most of the time as a protection spec paladin.

It was fun, and it didn't matter. I didn't even spend on much, I had a set of S3 healing gear and ret gear. I used them in BGs. I pvp'd with a shadow priest as a protection paladin. Now what I'm finding out is all that wow arena matchmaking I spent just having divorced dating chicago and rarely if ever rebuying my teams, I was happy to spend time at rating before because I could win some means that I basically have zero shot of ever getting above Because not only would I have to find a better class to pair with, but even if I rebuy my team I'm going to plummet right back down to probably rating and then win something like 8 of 10 games consistently to see much of a rating gain.

At least you could have let me know that I was hurting myself by not trying to be competitive before. Now I might as well level a new character to PVP with. You are by no means pigeonholed in the 's, it simply means that to rise to you'll have to be able to beat teams half the time. As stated above, if you're still it's because you're still losing to teams half the time, which kind of means you really should be atnot because a rating system is keeping you there out of spite.

The difference is, in other seasons I had how does arena matchmaking work wow reason to keep playing at arena matchmaking wow Beyond just the joy of 10 matchmaking value wow arena queues and then losing. I have no reason to keep playing. Everything I can get with arena points at my rating, I already have with honor points. In games where I can actually tank Van, or otherwise be useful. It's the same thing that happened in S4. I lost any reason to play arena.

Except now, I also have no reason to expect to be able to restart my team arena matchmaking wow have a shot at hitting because I have a good week or two. Instead, I have to go back to and sit there. I understand I probably SHOULD be at The difference matchmaking value wow arena, I felt like I had a chance before if I really wanted to find the "right" class and attempt to get rating. Now I feel like it's going to take an obscene amount of effort to even have a chance to spend my arena points.

Completely legitimate gripe imo. Players in the range definitely need more access to hateful quality gear, I can totally understand why you would be out of incentives arena matchmaking wow gain more points. I like the new ranking system, but the reward system needs to be adjusted. I find the rating system to be acceptable.

However, I feel the measure of 'skill' is much more dependent on the current state of BurstVP. Until that is remedied, the system wont work very effectively, as Comps should not be a measure of skill. You hotfixed Explosive shot, but hunters were probably last in the group of "too much PVP burst". Allowing the "big 4" to continue into 3. Changes need to be made now, not in several months. There will be changes made before 3. K, been doing arena this afternoon. First off, this happened: All above 20 points lost.

So team rating is now below We've never been that low. Not in BC, not in LK. So I mean, I understand the concept. We apparently have a hidden rating that's horrible how? I thought we'd bottom out in the s and go back up, but it's still going down? As I said, we do this for fun. And I suspect many people do. This is very discouraging. You're not making it fun for your target audience, which, let's be honest, is not hardcore players. So how am I supposed to enjoy this?

Let's not even mention the fact that I'll never see gear, although it was how does arena matchmaking work wow in BC. I know I'll never get the top how does arena matchmaking work wow and therefore I'm doing it more for fun, but the easiest gear was at least a target before. Is the middle point now? Can we please get some sort of estimate of where most casual teams stand these days?

I don't wanna know how your system works, but give us some hope please. I keep seeing my rating dropping below I know we're not elite arena players, but we're not THAT terrible. You know, I kinda just wanna keep losing games until it becomes less than 20 points a loss, then maybe I'll have a feeling of accomplishing something when I win a game To me it seems you didn't know where the hidden ratings would land once you threw the new calculations at players.

Turns out it's throwing most casual players around from what I'm reading. Yet, your gear allocation and minimum ratings were all based around being the most common rating. So we have gear requirements that do not match what the wow population is now at with the new calculations. I suspect the comments about gear in this thread confirm my theory.

matchmaking value wow arena

how does arena matchmaking work wow

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