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After Dunhill acquired Hardcastle the two companies were merged in the Parker-Hardcastle Ltd. This was the year Parker and Dunhill both stopped stamping pat. See also similar logos: Echt BruyerePinehurst. Made in London, England 0PAT. The yellowish cloud around the logo comes from a reservation of this zone when buffing the stem. This color is due to the ebonite's oxydation. Like Dunhill pipes, Dunhill pipe dating guide were also date coded but had a independant cycle.

Parker, Super in diamond Briar Bark. Made in London, England, 4 In circle. Made in London, England 13, PAT. Made in London, England 23, PAT. Made in London, England 4PAT. Made in London, England 4 In circle. Made in London, England4 In circle. Once again, this pipe illustrates the connection of the French horoscopes matchmaking industry dunhill shell dating guide the brands in London. It seems that the illustrated pipe has been crafted in the FBC workshops St ClaudeFR who was responsible for Longchamp pipes production.

Indeed the model has the Longchamp caracteristic features:. After having been leather covered in a Parisian workshop the bowls were sent to London where they were fitted with a Parker stem. From through at least the date suffix run from an underlined and raised 0 to 7. This pipe is stamped dunhill pipes dating guide the same group code 4 in circle Dunhill used posterior to This pipe with a replacement dunhill pipes dating guide dates from This pipe dates from From through the date code of Parker pipes runs from 2 to From through the date code runs from 20 to Indeed the model has the Longchamp caracteristic features: Index of leather clad pipes:

dunhill shell briar dating

parker pipes dating

New Parker pipe and a shout-out to TheKingOfFunk

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