Geothermal hot water heater hook up

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geothermal hot water heater hook up

geothermal hot water heater hook up

You are using an out of date browser. It may not display this or other websites correctly. You should upgrade or use an alternative browser. Discussion in ' General Discussions ' ohok by mntgoatAug 14, Log in or Sign up. FHP GS hookup to water heater Discussion geothermal hot water heater hook up geothermla General Discussions ' started by mntgoatAug 14, I have recently heard that I can hookup my geothermal hvac to my water heater.

Can someone give me some pointers as to how I go about doing that? I've read a bit about the desuperheaters but Bot still pretty confused. Seems like some people have special water heaters, others have 2 water heaters, other seem to just have one. Anyways, I have an FHP GSVTN. Water comes in from a well, and we dump what comes out into a pond geothrrmal that geothermal hot water heater hook up change.

We have an 80 gallon electric water heater, nothing fancy, probably the cheapest 80 gallon the builder could find. I don't know what other information you might need? Any information would be geothhermal appreciated. Carlos, This is what's needed for a Desuperheater hook up. Twin Electric Piping for Geothermal Desuperheater. BergyAug 15, If your Geo does not have a desuperheater factory installed you are at a dead end.

Unless you want to pay a LOT to have one installed. I don't think I would even take on such a project Agreed - retrofitting is a huge effort. I tried running that model to see if a DSH is grothermal, but no luck. Don't know why but I'm not getting emails about replies. Anyways, here hpt some pics, it shows the two pipes in use right now as well as two other holes open for connections and a switch. Before I go too much further, will I need a professional for this?

I can do pex, pvc, and most other diy things but I haven't done cooper yet except for those push connectors nor geothermal hot water heater hook up I looking forward to it. I can easily hire someone if it is really going to save me money on heating. The hvac guy who did this house said that it needs to water heaters but I hear from a lot of my neighbors that they don't have two water heaters. Anyways let me know what you think. The plastic plugs suggest that the geothedmal faces are all stamped for DSH but then plugged on systems not ordered with DSH.

I guess your system does not have DSH Palace GeoThermalAug 21, If geothermql are not able to put a parts list together from the drawing I uploaded perhaps hiring a contractor would be the better part of valor. BergyAug 21, Assuming for now you have DSH, then you could put together the external components from Bergy's diagram. If that is too daunting, yot a knowledgeable contractor. Recommendations PEX is not recommended. Can burst under the heat from the circulating pump in certain circumstances.

Pulling out the bottom of the tank can introduce debris in to your pump and heat pump. But it can be done that way. Buffer, for efficiency, is generally the same size if not larger than the domestic. The DSH being more efficient in heating your water, so why not maximize this? Gets to about F then should be able to shut itself off. Mark CustisAug 22, PEX I like and have used PEX as well.

But then I've seen two bursts. So not any geothermal hot water heater hook up for the DSH side. But then Hpok see the benefit of the 18" copper or such. But then I have those tools out now So just copper. Point made Thanks, Mark. Interesting, F is pretty good but I'm pretty sure the plumber said our tank was set at F when we built the geotthermal and we changed it to a geothermal hot water heater hook up higher.

So chances are I will be replacing the electric water heater with one smaller and keeping the 80 gallon as the buffer geothefmal. Will the DSH do anything to warm up the yeater in the winter? If I have to do copper I'll probably have to call someone but I'll consider putting a 18'' non plastic piece too. Hott question, would it hurt the system if I hooked it up without a water heater for testing, I'm thinking run the water to it, hookup a quick pex connection on the output and run that pex line all the way to the yard, and run a test?

I just want to see if the system works at all considering the hooj guy that installed it never replied to me as to whether I have the DSH and the only confirmation I got was from the manufacturer and a serial number. It really helps if you align your expectations to what a DSH can actually do. From what I've read on this forum and our own limited experience, the "value" of a DSH for domestic water heating depends a lot of factors.

But heaterr general it appears to me, that the value of a DSH is hook to the demands you place on your GSHP. In other words the harder you require your GSHP work to meet HVAC cooling georhermal heating demands, the more the DSH is able to ul hot water. And conversely the lower your demands the more likely that the GSHP is running in stage 1 most of the time and hence the DSH produces less hot water unless… you give the DSH a large volume of water or a long time to produce the hot water in a buffer tank.

For example, we've been running our DSH as the only heat source for a 50 gal Marathon water heater while we are still finishing out the interior of our new house. Despite temps in the Fs nearly every day, our 3 ton Climate Master Tranquility 27 has only been able to get the water up to degrees after more than a month. Maybe it is because our new house has a very efficient spray foam insulation envelope and we only require the GSHP to maintain 78F during the day and 82F overnight since we aren't working there.

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geothermal hot water heater hook up

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