Pros of dating a stoner

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pros of dating a stoner

pros of dating me tumblr

Stoners tend to be less neurotic and insecure than non-stoners. Yes, she might still get kind of weird and quiet after her first joint of the day, or perhaps vacuum her place three times a day because getting high only exacerbates her OCD, but everything is relative. Never professed your love to another girl and want to see how it feels? Always wondered if your girl is down for anal? Got this weedhead chick, she always catch me doin shit Crazy girl wanna leave me but she always forgets. Her relationship with food is commendable.

She loves a good plate of oysters, but she can also EASILY settle for pizza at every meal. Throw a pros of dating me tumblr in the microwave and your stoner girlfriend will be happy. She knows incredible food secrets and delicious, yet odd, food combinations. Like the one mentioned above: She still eats fluffernutters, but adds her own twist to it like bananas and Nutella. She taught you that Sriracha tastes delicious on spaghetti, and stoenr chocolate NEVER goes bad.

When dating a stoner, relationship norms—like pros of dating a stoner together or having sex—are inevitably done high, and are therefore significantly more fun to do. That, and also funny and obscure TV shows. When your sorority girlfriend tried to send you funny Youtube clips they were always gravely shoner clips from The New GirlPretty Little Liarsor Three Broke Girls.

Put differently, she gets Tim And Eric. And is actually a great addition to the smoke sessions you have shoner your friends. Seeing as she is high a lot, she will almost certainly laugh at all of your jokes. Brought to you by thought. Hateful or weaponized writing. Spam or misleading text. Rachel Hodin Writer at Thought The love experiment a 40-day dating challenge. Follow me on Pros of dating a stoner.

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pros of dating me tumblr

pros of dating a stoner

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