Can you hook up a mouse to an ipad 2

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can you hook up mouse to ipad

can you hook up mouse to ipad

You cannot, iPad relies on touch to select buttons and items on screen. Can you hook up a mouse to an ipad 2 can, however, use a bluetooth keyboard! You cannot use the magic mouse with iPad 2 because the iPad is a touch based device. There is no cursor on the screen to control, which means there is no reason for a mouse. I know I'm dissatisfied that I can't. Hey Paul i would like to respectfully disagree. I work in corporate IT and have started rolling out ipads to traveling workers.

I have a VMware environment that serves up windows 7 and XP virtual machines on demand for users, and the iPad is a great mobile device to access these VMs and other enterprise applications while centralizing my information in a secure datacenter. VMware has developed a view client for the ipad, as well other vendors offer mouxe solutions for their products like can you hook up mouse to ipad for Citrix.

Yes i understand the point that it is a touch based nook, but i would like the option for myself. I think it is ridiculous that a bluetooth keyboard worksbut you have to jailbreak your device to use a mouse and yes a curser does show on screen when using in conjunction with an app for the mouse. I think to often Apple takes its views on their vision of how the device is to work and at times negates the end users needs. I wanted to back up Phil's experience by saying I'm in yiu same boat. When you use an iPad app to VNC into your remote Mac or Windows computer the entire iPad experience is replaced by the remote desktop which REQUIRES a keyboard supported and mouse NOT.

It's quite difficult to use a remote desktop through a tactile interface such as the iPad. I would much rather have the ability to pair a mouse with the VNC app on the iPad so that I can control the remote computer in the manner it was designed to be controlled—with a keyboard and mouse. I have no interest in using the iPad with a mouse. But when the iPad is used as a remote terminal to control a remote desktop computer it absolutely needs mouse support.

I have been for some time avoiding the purchase of an iPAD. In fact I was yok for a, device mousd would replace my laptop. I decided to bite the bullet and purchased an iPAD 2. There are many great apps; although it does not totally wn my laptop it provides more flexibility in my day to day can you hook up mouse to ipad activities.

The only missing link is the ability to use a mouse. When I need to, I remote connect to a virtual PC. I purchased the magic mouse as I was told that it should work with the IPAD from a apple store sales personthinking that it would help me navigate a virtual PC, but discovered that yiu is not supported. Trying to navigate a virtual PC is not impossible, but a can you hook up a mouse to an ipad 2 more unproductive than just summarize the process of carbon dating a mouse.

It would be simply magnificent if you could. Regardless of who's right or wrong, bottom line is a bluetooth mouse is not supported. If that's a deal breaker, then don't get an omuse. Yes, most of the posts here will be from people explaining how you can actually use your device, and who understand the iPad enough to describe how it was designed to work no mouse and why it is not easy to redesign it for those occasions when a mouse is desired.

Most will not be from people who seem to jump from thread to thread complaining about a feature mouuse not on the iPad and was never designed to be on the iPad. As the VVV says, you can do it if can you hook up a mouse to an ipad 2 want to Jailbreak the Ipad2. I don't feel like I should have to jailbreak the thing if it is possible. It can be designed to support a bluetooth mouse.

No, it does not take away it's intent to do everything touchscreen, and why is some defending it so? Encouraging Apple to make imporovements not a good thing? Are we all going to start arguing Flash again? Why does it have blu-tooth keyboard capabilities when it has a keyboard multi touch? You just all hail Ipad and obviously don't need to remote into Windows Desktops or Servers. For me bottom line is I just wish I could throw away my netbook and use the Ipad for it all but I can't.

I will say most likely the way the Tablet market is going I will go to a more "versatile" device that has mouse support. If you want to encourage Apple to make feature changes, do it in the correct place. This is not the correct place. Use the appropriate link in the Feedback page. Sign in Post Browse discussions Contact Support Search. Please enter a title. You can not post a blank message.

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can you hook up a mouse to an ipad 2

can you hook up a mouse to an ipad 2

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