Gold digger dating experiment

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Threaded Mode Linear Mode. Hooligan Harry Wingman Posts: Im stuck in an airport with all this Qantas chaos, so I thought I would get this post up. Been meaning to do it for a while just have not had the time, but the other sugar dating thread reminded me to do this. I posted something similar on another forum over a year ago now. There were a few of us who conducted a social experiments of sorts on niche dating websites to see what sort of response one would get from gold diggers, fetish sites, hookup sites, etc.

I trolled a sugar baby website because I dont like fat whales in leather or single moms. It was a bit of an insight into the way these type of women think and t I thought I would share my experiences in particular. The old forum is gone Rollo Tommassi has turned it into a blog which is a farmers only dating commercial 2015 because I could have dkgger linked it. Now granted these women are one step removed from hookers, but many are the sorts of chicks we run into at clubs, bars and on the street all the time.

And I also believe that a hell of a lot of women would do this if they could do it discreetly. Most are your typical club sluts and party girls along with college students trying to pay their way through school. There were some interesting things that came from this though, and there may or may not be lessons you can take from this. Its female psychology that applies to situations that dont even involve money too, money just happens to be their motivation.

Experiemnt a womans motivations were your looks, bad boy rep, etc the response would be quite similar in its own way. Its really is just an insight into their response as what they perceive to be a very, very high status male based on their particular requirements. The website used was seekingarrangement. Just one where the chicks are looking to arrange holidays or paid monthly arrangements. Here was my profile, which was quite demanding.

Profile said I was athletic. Description of me Outgoing, confident guy who does not have the time for a serious, committed relationship. I am very active and love exercise. I travel quite dating websites for farmers only bit for work and it would be great to take some company along from time to time. Interested in business, history, sports and travel.

Chemistry is very important to me, but I am not looking for love or a fully committed relationship. I do have an unusual requirement though, hence the reason for me being here Description of arrangement I am looking for an attractive lady that is into women. Genuinely bisexual with a real attraction to women and men. While I would prefer to have one lady as my primary mistress I would like to spice things up for the both of us from time to time.

These are arrangements and decisions you make or we make together. Sometimes you can surprise me, sometimes we can agree and arrange together, as these are personal. You are free to move on at any time, and you are also free to date if you like. I understand speed dating prank ft. miranda sings like this should not come in the way of you finding the right person. Datng would be a few requirements I would have, like no men at my apartment, but this experimenh be discussed in more detail if we meet and do get on quite well.

Youtube farmers only dating I am prepared to offer 1 - I will see you twice maybe three times diggsr week, probably staying for the night, but rarely will it be ezperiment the weekend and if it is, it will be for one night only. Cash, this will be kept off the books. You need to look after yourself, both physical health and mind. I have a preference for slim or expegiment women 2 - Woman who is either bi sexual or bi curious.

Both of us would like this I am sure What came from it, other than the whole exercise proving that Roissy is so fucking right its scary: The average quality was high. There were a few digger and war pigs on the site, the vast majority were easy 6's and above. Its packed to the rafters with 8's though and typically the quality you would not expect to be caught dead on a dating website. Many of the women who contacted me were solid 7. Women, deep down, know that their looks count more than anything else.

There a clear correlation between good looking women and money. The women on the site generally seem to know and understand that their looks are all that really matters and you can see it from what they demand compensation wise. For all the female rationalisations in the world, they know as much as we do that looks matter more than anything else they bring to the table.

The women were very aggressive I had women sending me mobile numbers in their first message. Many emailed through private pictures first time round. Almost all of them chased up if I sent them a message and they really pushed hard for a meet. They initiated contact and I imagine this is what it must be like for women on normal dating websites where birthday dating message are the prize.

Their interest level will always dictate the amount of effort they will put into something. If you are what she wants she is not going to play too hard to get especially if she knows she is competing against other attractive women. Granted, most men are not coming with a pay check and it amplifies the outcome, but it confirms yet again how interest level can be measured. The higher up the totem poll you are, the more likely she is to suck on your toes to keep you happy 3.

Cougars resort to blatant whoring The older they get, the sluttier and more "sexed up" their profiles and messages get. Most of the time, hardcore messages and borderline explicit profiles are almost always women over Its actually laughable because you matthew hussey phone texting dating seeing a gold digger who should have gone into retirement put out daitng the stops to land another nikolaev ukraine dating scams.

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TOP 3 Most Shocking Gold Digger Social Experiments!

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