College freshman dating junior

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junior in high school dating freshman

college freshman dating junior

College guys upperclassmen would you ever college freshman dating junior a freshman in college? I'm not interested in dating dating myself fresh out of high school. I'm tired of that now no offence. I wouldn't but not because of the possible maturity difference. It would mostly be because since I'm a senior I'll be leaving college soon when they're just starting.

I feel like being in such different stages in life so early in the relationship could make things difficult. I don't think so at my current age. I'm 24, a senior and graduating in december but it wouldn't be my first choice if I was dating again. That said my girlfriend is only a sophomore, so not that far removed but she's alright.

Makes it easier because I am very young for my grade. I just turned 20 this summer, they are starting to turn I don't see a general reason why junior in high school dating freshman, though senior dating a freshman college would senior dating a freshman college to be on the mature side. It feels like it might not be an equal relationship. Potentially, it depends on the girl and the fact that I'll be here for at least one more year.

I wouldn't go under 21 unless she's just awesome, outta my league kinda girl. Its tough to find other shit to do when your go to is to hit the bars. No longer in college so definitely not, but junior dating a freshman I was, the answer was "probably not". I didn't really care about age or their inability to drink legally, but there is a vast, vast difference in maturity and where in life you are in most cases.

There's some more variance in individual behavior, but overall I'd say that it's often as large as the gap from freshman to senior in high school, which is huge as well. When I was a 4th year in college, I started a relationship with a girl who was in her 1st year. After I graduated, we decided mutually that it wasn't the best datnig to stay feshman since I had to leave to go elsewhere.

We clung on for a few months, but now we are finally finished for good. We were in love, and it happened and ended so quickly. I'm just a bit heartbroken that I couldn't see her blossom and grow and be that light at the end of the tunnel freeshman her. But she wouldn't have been able to grow as a person and fulfill all her goals if I was there to hold her back.

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Have you ever tried kegel exercises to last longer? I still ddating like a boy even though I am a father of 3yo daughter and provide to my family. How do I start feeling like a grown-up man? This is an archived post. You won't be collfge to vote collge comment. AskMen submitted 2 years ago by [deleted] 16 comments share. Have dated an 18 yr old. She was more mature than some of the girls my age. Most likely no, unless she's clearly more mature than her peers.

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freshman dating a junior in high school

freshman dating a junior in high school

Can a Senior and Freshman Date

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