Assistant manager dating an employee

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assistant manager dating an employee

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When you hire a lot of passionate, engaging people, a couple of them are bound to hit it off in a way that goes beyond hr dating policy shared interest in the business. While many organizations take a more relaxed stance toward co-workers dating these days, it can cause trouble when you cross into the realm of manager-subordinate romantic relationships.

Zoller, legal editor at XpertHR. The relationship can lead to claims of favoritism or cause other co-workers to feel uncomfortable and create a employee dating policies work environment. Dangerous liaisons have no place in the workplace. They are dead ringers for cascading violations of integrity. If they continue against policy, use your company's disciplinary policy to correct the situation. Assistant manager dating an employee love contract will also set forth guidelines for acceptable and unacceptable romantic behavior in the ah.

ABOUT MONSTER OUR COMPANY PRESS ROOM COMPANY BLOG WORK FOR US POST A JOB. Come behind the scenes with us. What HR should do about sating romantic relationships The risk rises when the two members of a couple are on different levels of the org chart. Do you need an official policy? People who start making bad decisions without thinking at work can soon be missing deadlines, losing productivity and exercising poor judgement on work items, Brush says. About Monster Work for Monster Advertise with us AdChoices Partner with Us.

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hr dating an employee

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"As a Manager, How do You Interact With Your Employees?" - JB Wood

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