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bluebird chelsea speed dating

bluebird chelsea speed dating

Jun 18, 6: One thing is clear, this baby is already destined for great things at the ripe old age of 0. Interview By Alexandra Mandelkorn. Being pregnant is a crazy, primitive experience. Our baby is super active and very strong, so there is a lot of kicking and moving whenever I am trying to chill. At this point I am just a vessel for our baby. Have you picked out any names yet? Have you gotten any crazy suggestions for names from fans? Yes we have picked a name…. Actually the name sort of found us, but I will leave it at that.

What has it been like being membees pregnant woman in grouploove music industry, especially the rock world, so far? Christian and I have been cooped up writing songs as this baby grows. I mean, we have been touring for so long that stopping, staying put, and letting everything sink in can be a lot to digest and eventually there is that inevitable pressure to create something. You question yourself grouplove band members dating if you still have it in you to make something at all.

We somehow skipped that meltdown. Christian and I are off-the-grid — writing, painting and reconnecting to a simpler life as artists. Are you planning bluebird chelsea speed dating getting right back into the groove of things after your kid is born? When it comes time, are you going memebrs bring your child on tour with you? Once we finish this album and some paintings we are going to jump back on the road with our newest little member.

Andrew [Grouplove guitarist] and Dan [Grouplove bassist] are just pumped to be uncles. I cannot wait for all the personalities we tour with to help shape our baby. Our gtouplove and crew datin really a family, so our little girl is only going to enhance that. Also, quietly, I am stoked for all the helping hands! Along with being an amazing musician, you are such an incredible painter! Have you been painting a lot throughout your pregnancy?

I have been painting these big, drippy, colorful pieces. Do you feel like being pregnant and going through this process has grouplove band members dating your creative process bad all? But since I found out I was pregnant, I have swapped out Marijuana for transcendental meditation. The combination between being pregnant and meditation has ddating slowed me down to finding a flow rather than an unpredictable burst of creativity.

I will definitely keep meditating after I give birth. It has grounded me in a way I never thought was possible. What are some bluebird chelsea speed dating the most important lessons you are going to teach your bnad girl to become a strong, fearless woman like yourself? I guess membrrs be kind, be fair and be true grpuplove a good starting point.

Also, a few weeks grouplove band members dating I was laying in the grass and had this urge to eat grouploe. Not gonna lie, I ate a little bit. Photography By Angelo Kritikos. Styling By Alexandra Mandelkorn. Jun 17, Jun 16, 9: Jun 16, 5: Jun 16, Dxting nothing compares in ridiculousness to the tattoo Justin Bieber unveiled on Instagram yesterday. Miley Cyrus has harsh words for datign Without any warning, Justin posted a picture where he appears to not be wearing any clothes besides a pair of Adidas socks.

Not only can grouplove band members dating make money on sexy selfies, you can have a song make it big bluebird chelsea speed dating of a meme. Some things are only found on Facebook. The craziest channel on Snapchat for beauty, fashion and pop. Kimono — Second Glance VintageBralett — Cynthia RowleyPants — American ApparelEarrings — Isharya And the lows?

Dress — Isabel MarantEarrings — Melody Esahni What has it been like being a pregnant woman in the music industry, especially the rock world, so far? Gruoplove Top 10 Thot-Positive Cities For Women Jun 17, Charlotte Lawrence is creating a pop career out of viral fame Jun 16, 9: What people freaked out about online this week Jun 16, grouplove band members dating Justin Bieber got his weirdest tattoo yet Personal training dating site 16,

grouplove band members dating

grouplove band members dating

Grouplove's Andrew Wessen on his Modded Tele

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