Muslim girl dating a hindu boy

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speed dating cumbria uk

speed dating cumbria uk

In Islam a women can't marry non Muslim man. That man need to convert to Islam properly then they can marry. But there are also some issue to convert. You have to be sincere from heart and mind, if you only convert for the sake of marriage then your marriage will be not valid. When you convert you need to follow honestly, You need to trust there is no god only Allah and our beloved prophet Muhammad, you need to pray 5times a day and so on I would suggest you to visit mosque to meet a qualified imam so he can guid you muslim girl dating a hindu boy. As far about the issue about her father I suggest tell her to speak to her mother or brother sister if she have tell her to explain everything clearly.

Maybe if you convert sincerely something might change and if not it's better to let go peacefully. Because if her father still don't agree it's not good to give him another attack. I really don't understand why did she even fall in love after her engagement it sounds like she is still confused about her feelings. And you also shouldn't keep in touch with a women when she is engaged with other person.

In here there will be trust, heart broken to so many people at a time. Try talk to her father see what happens if not better to let go in my opinion. Engagement it's not a joke it's a one kind of commandment you already given to eachother family. I don't know what els to say. Now I am scared if she marry with other guy she will jeep touch with you and married life will be doomed and if she married you and still her father is not happy your both life will not be doomed but you won't be happy.

Because non marriage live happy if your parents are unhappy. May Allah shows you both right path. One more thing ask her to do "ishtikara" she should know what's that. I understand your infatuation towards her and the trivial time you are going through of your life. Please consider our suggestions whoever is going to comment on and please don't feel offended if it goes against you.

My friend reality of life is very different than what we see in movies. And you can't always make decisions depending on your emotions. You should understand that you come from a different religion, and the consequences of inter-faith marriages. I am sure in your culture, it would be very in appropriate to be in touch with someone who is already commited to someone else. Firstly, Islam doesn't allow a women to marry non-muslim men unless he reverts to Islam.

I am not sure if you have plans to convert, but if your intention behind converting is to marry her will severe your situation. I would encourage you to learn about Islam. Please refrain from contacting her, i am giving you sincere advice. If you go and see her father it would affect his health and it will turn into another big issue. You are very young and you have a career ahead of you. Stop thinking about her and let her continue her life. I know it would be very tough for you to leave her at this stage, but you will have to do muslim girl dating a hindu boy.

Sorry but maybe ur a little negative towards love but we cant judge someone elses situation just cuz we feel thats an honest answer. Instead we shud give words of encouragement, since this muslim girl dating a hindu boy is making an effort, hes trying to be good person and also willing to come to Islam. Maybe ur stone- hearted and dont believe much in love but love does exist and Islam doesnt stop that either.

May Allah help cumbria speed dating girls father to a speedy recovery, and if this guys intentions are gud inshAllah Allah will help him too and its in their betterment. Well Speed dating cumbria uk think try to talk with her family but if it doesn't work you'll find a good person but if u really love each other get her fathers consent inshallah it will be okay!: No this will not be a good idea because her father has already had a heart attack just by hearing the news that she wants to marry him, he might get another heart attack if he tries to get her father's consent by visiting him or getting in contact with him.

This will cause many troubles and affect an innocent person's life dramatically. It is muslim girl dating a hindu boy because in Islam, a woman can not marry a hindu man. The father is just looking out for the best interest of his child. If you do "convert" but not sincerely, then you are only fooling yourself because you can not fool Allah. Pray to Allah for you persona speed dating before you pray to Allah to stop the marriage.

As much as you love this woman and you feel like you can't live without her, you can. Of course you can live without her, you been living without her the days before you met her right? She's not the one that gives you food to eat or water to drink, she isn't the one that dating bdd you air to breathe, she's not the one who gave you a wonderful supportive family, right?

So why did you make her something you can't live without? Why does it seem like you worship her? Sometimes things happen in life that speed dating cumbria uk just have to accept. I want to marry the man I wanted to be with but did it happen? Am I still living? Am I living well? Did at one point think I couldn't live without him? Yes and that was something I knew had to change. There are so many people in this world who loved someone but they other person ended up marrying someone else but it wasn't the end of the world.

They found someone else, married them and continued their lives. Inshallah this will happen to you too if you are not able to marry her. The feeling you are having is common among the muslim girl dating a hindu boy. But his does not last long. It will only bother you until you people see each other. When either of you leave and you don't see each other anymore, this feeling will gradually fade.

A person does not get everything he or she wants in life. There is sonething called destiny, I suppose even you being a Hindu believe in it. Allah Gives us what is best for cumbria speed dating. You must stop all kinds of communication cumbria speed dating her and should not lead her into more troubles. She loves her father dearly and does not want to disobey him and cause him pain.

You must respect her decision and walk on a different path that doesn't lead to her. Also remember that this life is temporary.

cumbria speed dating

muslim girl dating a hindu boy

Muslim Girl is Marrying with Non Muslim Boy, Is it permissible according to Islam?

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