Portland maine speed dating

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portland maine speed dating

portland maine speed dating

How are we all doing tonight? Callie stands and waves to the room. For the record that little lady is not single. She made an honest man outta me four years ago. Callie and I met at a LoveMonkey. The theme is Celebrity Couples. When you all came in, Callie handed you the photo of a famous person. When you find that person, a round of drinks is on us, and let the sparks fly!

Lauryn, glad you came out tonight. How about it for Lauryn guys! And what brings you to a LoveMonkey. Me and datng friends were just at the bar, and some guys walked by saying they were gonna get their heroine here. And that sounded SO sweet. So we signed up. You doing okay, Corey? You look like speed dating portland maine could use a Red Bull.

What picture do you have there? Whoops, gotta watch the branding. Home office will be all over me. Speed dating portland maine just won yourself a free drink! Head to the bar, you two. Lauryn and Corey everybody. Corey just tried to sell me his free drink. And he smells like pee. No, no one wants to buy your picture of Justin Timberlake.

Callie, watch your purse! Please, head on over to the bar and have a drink on us. And what brought you to LoveMonkey? I was waiting for Corey by the dumpsters. I just came in to look for him, and some fugly redhead with a bad dye job handed me this picture of Emily Blunt. Honey, your hair looks lovely. Bernice does a wonderful job.

Kelly Anne, what do you do for a living? His mom literally keeps the DVD player inside a locked cabinet. Did you score yet? Ryan Seacrest is trying to see my ti —. Does anyone have a match for Emily Blunt? I think I do. We have a match! And an interracial one at that! No… no you may not. Portland maine speed dating, are you ready for some Monkey Love?

Thank God you finally got here. What the fuck took you so long? Me and Corey were waiting by the dumpster for an hour. My skin is on fire. Michigan teenage dating laws just need one hit. Look how these two are hitting off. You brought drugs in here? I run the fertility clinic at Blue Hill Memorial! I know that place.

My mom went there. You just come up here from the streets of New York —. And B I run a clinic. People come to me voluntarily. Look, we could debate this all night. Thanks for calling them, Callie. Police speed dating in portland me room to escort David out. I suggest they start with how you can afford that silver Escalade with the gold rims parked outside. And B I drive a Prius. Sorry for the brief disruption, folks.

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speed dating portland maine

speed dating portland me

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