Cs go matchmaking cooldown for winning

Fansmorgan   25.05.2017  

cs go matchmaking cooldown for winning

cs go matchmaking cooldown for winning

Click here for our wiki! Subreddit Rules Message Moderators Official CS: Hellcase Cup 5 LIVE North Acad defusekids. Hellcase Cup 5 2. So I recently picked up CS: GO and I have been enjoying it. I used to play the first Counter Strike way back in the day on Steam and playing this one really takes me back! I was also excited to see I got a 5 year service coin for my previous time with the original!

I finally got to rank 3 last night and today I wanted to play some competitive games. I played once earlier and won. I went out for dinner and came home to play again. I just got done playing another one and my team won that one too. It now says I have a 20hr cooldown period for winning two games in one day. I googled this and see that other people have experienced this and I have seen responses about this being some kind of deterrent for hackers or something about being fair to low cs go matchmaking cooldown for winning people?

Whatever the case is I'm pretty disappointed by this. I feel winniny I am being punished because I happened to be part wimning a winning team a couple of times. Matchmakinh used to calculate what rank you will dating advice for medical students placed in after your 10 wins. Once you reach 10 wins you can play as many matches as you want. It was intended to prevent cs go matchmaking cooldown for winning and cheaters to discourage them to waste hours of their time waiting cs go matchmaking cooldown for winning get a rank so they won't have a restriction.

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Immortals - DreamHack ASTR NaVi [Train] - ESL LIVE Dignitas PENTA DreamHack Summe This is an archived post. You won't be able to vote wjnning comment. GlobalOffensive submitted 1 year ago by xXColaXx So I recently picked up CS: Is this 20hr cooldown a good thing and I'm just being unreasonable about it? There is no restriction after you get your rank, 10 wins. Just have to play through it once. Posts are automatically archived after 6 months.

cs go matchmaking cooldown for winning

Match Making Cool Down System Issues - CS:GO

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