Hook up two thermostats one furnace

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hook up two thermostats one furnace

hook up two thermostats one furnace

Posted Kp RobinJoeMar 4, at 6: You are twl an out of date browser. It may not display this or other websites correctly. You should upgrade or use an alternative browser. Home Recent Posts Recent Activity Authors Settings. Search Media New Media. Your name or email address: Log in Sign up. Home Home Quick Links.

Hearth Wiki Quick Links. Search titles only Posted by Member: Separate names with a comma. Search this thread only Search this forum only Display results as threads. Two Thermostats, One Zone Posted By RobinJoeHook up two thermostats one furnace 4, at 6: Our thermostat is in the hall, halfway between the livingroom with our wood-burning stove and our Master Bedroom.

We have central forced hot air with a gas furnace, and hook up two thermostats one furnace airconditioning. Is there a simple way to add a second thermostat to the bedroom in parallel with the thermostat in the hall? Or will they interefere with each other? We would like the heat to kick on if either thermostat drops below 69 degrees. I could also install some sort thermosfats switch near the hall thermostat to switch between the two, but would like to avoid that hook up two thermostats one furnace possible.

Trees - The Ultimate Solar Collectors Designed by God Lopi Declaration - October It requires a double-throw switch to allow one or the other thermostat to control: I see you haven't received any responses. I'm confused - what are you trying to control with the second thermostat? There is an easy way to add a second thermostat if you are looking to add another device that needs control. But I can't quite tell what it is you're trying to do here Orlan EKO 40, Forced Air Furnace HX - Sold to a good home Gallons of Pressurized Storage - Sold to a good home Stihl MS with 18" Bar - Currently underutilized 30 Milwaukee's Best Light - Currently over-utilized.

I suppose you could do just that If either stat closed, it would close the circuit and the heat would come on. Then once both stats hook up two thermostats one furnace above the set point, the heat would go off. Northeastern MA near Lowell. I agree with Gooserider. You could cause problems. You might need to isolate dating wizard michael marks 2 thermostats from each other.

What kind of thermostat do you have currently? Andy - Jotul OsloRika Integra II, Brave splitter; Ground-source heat pump; fixer-upper house with a few acres hook up two thermostats one furnace garden; dogs; cat, sons; and a very tolerant wife. I'm always confused, FWIW, but don't all of the low-voltage hot wires generate from the same source, and all the neutrals return to the same point? What diff does it make if two Oe hot wires meet at the relay? Nothing will happen, since they already "met" at the source, right?

I don't see a problem. I'm not sure off hand either - I'm not hook up two thermostats one furnace just what they use for output dating artista naging pulubi in those thermostats, but I DO know that the instructions on several that I've looked at SAY don't attempt to fire off the furnace by shorting the thermostat leads at the burner Which is a fairly standard trick used by many burner techs, and which is fine on hook up two thermostats one furnace controlled by one of those old round Honeywell mercury stats.

I do know that I've had electronic stats that have failed to work right after that was done. Putting two stats on the same contacts is going to be doing effectively the same as jumping the contacts for the one that doesn't turn on first Some day, when I grow up, I am going to learn more Off to the sack.

BTW, if I remember, those instructions about not hot jumping are generic, and thermostatd archaic, too. This tso a magnetic resonance in the capillary thermisters, that, if it became harmonic, would cause them to explode, like tw original crankshafts on hkok experimental 3-cylinder Mercedes engine many years ago that is why it never came into mass production. It was not a pretty site, and too many boiler techs lost fingers.

That is a good point, goose - It may be they are worried about turnace type of inductive kickback from throwing a screwdriver across the terminals at the motor and the resulting surge when you break the contact. Though, 'technically' that's not what you're doing with the two stats. But it's always better to be safe than hook up two thermostats one furnace Well, I read instructions of how to build a tool to do it and they suggested not to simply short the two pins, but to put a small resistor in series with the pins for a particular reason.

I'm no EE or physics major but maybe this is what the purpose was for Could something similar be designed for 2 t-stats on one zone? If these worked on DC current it would be relatively easy to isolate each thermostat using a diode. However, I believe they operate on volt AC. I'm thinking a dual-coil relay might be a solution but I"m going to ask some guys as work for other ideas.

I'm thinking now that with a few diodes and a relay this may be relatively easy except for the fact that you may need to control the compressor, fan, and gas burner separately. If you just needed to control one of those you could use 2 diodes and a relay as shown the attached drawing. BTW, since you're working with AC there is no positive or negative 24 volts as I've shown but it helps to think of it that way when you're wiring it up.

hook up two thermostats one furnace

Wiring a Thermostat, Furnace, and Heat Pump for Dual Fuel Hybrid Heat!

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