2 members snsd dating each other

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dating on earth dbsk wiki

yunjae really dating

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Tags Stories Popular Social. Published Aug 27, Jump to Comments Report Content. So my friend and I were talking about SNSD and stuffs. And then she told me that someone told her about. And I was like THEY CAN'T BE GAYS IN REAL LIFE!!! But in real life?! So I asked her, "Who told you that?! Then she said, "An online friend, that online friend told her that those words were from the SNSD manager himself. I'm obvously a SooFany fan. And my friend is an avid TaeNy fan.

Her bias is Fany Fany Tiffany. The way they look at each other. And they even lived with each other before the debut. Can't Sooyoung have both?! Dating on earth dbsk wiki HOTTER THAN THE SUN AND EVERY SPECIE CAN FALL FOR HER! They both cling to each other. Likes to hold each others hands. Fany leaning on Sooyoung. They even talk about boys SooFany is like close friends, bestfriends. THAT HAS A CRUSH WITH EACH OTHER You want my explanation on SooSica?!

They don't even stare at each other for too long. That made them being SECRETIVE. The MAMA Dating on earth dbsk wiki !!! They were so touchy at their seats baby! Sica always reach 2 members snsd dating each other Sooyoung's hands. Sica is caught JEALOUS!!! Yunjae really dating BED BEHIND THE SCENES. It's few, but I know IT's a lot I mean there's still a lot of reasons!

And I'm just tired to look for more Comments You must be logged in to comment. I really hope that it's SooSica too: They're so cute right? They are so many videos where Sica always caught on fancams that she's jealous when she saw Soo with other members. OMG OMG OMG OMFG!!!! THIS IS FREAKING CRAZY!!!! FUG YEAAA I HOPE IT'S SOOFANY, BUT HEY SOOSICA IS KINDA CUTE TOO, BUT STILL SOOFANY FTW!!! S MANAGER OPPA, JEONGMAL YOOOOO????

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2 members snsd dating each other

2 members snsd dating each other

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