Dating sims by pacthesis

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dating sims by pacthesis

dating sims by pacthesis

Buy Datint Buy Core Membership. I know the release date is still sort of out there for Star Days Sim Date but I'm going to try my best to keep a dating sims by pacthesis up to date with info on my progress! And it's really a lot of work to have 8 dateable characters haha. It will be worth it though! MystyXsoul Featured By Owner Apr 30, She said dating sims by pacthesis almost done in her website.

FanOfEverything Featured By Owner Apr 20, CoffeeeStains Featured By Dating sims by pacthesis Apr 17, Oh my gosh, Hy so glad you're back! I've missed playing your games a lot, and even though I'm a very pacthesiis person from when I started playing them, they still have a large place in my heart, and I can't wait to play this dating sims by pacthesis one.

The demo looks great, and I'm looking forward to rating the girls who I'll be trying to woo. Thank you so much for giving us updates like this and for continuing working on this game even if it's by yourself. You're such a cool game developer and person, and I hope your life's si,s going well! Samsiee Featured By Owner Mar 25, I JUST SAW THIS NOW I'M SHOOKETH!!

I honestly missed you and your creations: KitzXLynx Featured By Owner Mar 1, I love your games cating much the story lines are absolutely fantastic. LaniDraws Featured By Owner Edited Feb 21, FiaHaruka-chan Featured By Owner Feb 9, Judyfurby Featured By Owner Dec 28, I AM A BIG FAN OF YOURS!!! It's late pacthedis nearly early and your website updates didn't change for a long time so I pacthesid to ask you if Star Days Sim Date is ready to be published??!!?!?

AND Is Xolga and Mr. Toko will never be published again?!?!?!?! Softair-san Featured By Owner Dec 27, hy I just watch Pewdiepie's video where he played dating games then I suddenly thought about you. Nekokoni Featured By Owner Edited Dec 17, OMG I'M SO LATE BUT YOU'RE BACK?!?!?! I MISSED YOU SO FREAKIN MUCH!!!! It seems so unreal that you're actually back.

It feels like i'm going to wake up and you're gonna be gone again. I've been playing your games since a few months after kingdom days came out and you have been a huge part of my life. Can't wait to play Star Days Pacthesiis Date. Soldi6 Featured Simw Owner Oct 30, Good luck and take your time. I'd sums wait for a better game than have one that's not as ny sooner.

JadeDoesThings Featured By Owner Oct 1, WAFFLES Featured By Owner Sep 4, Thank you so much for returning! KLMdragon16 Featured By Owner Sep 4, Soooo excited and happy simd this will be continued! Hope everything in your life is well. I just absolutely love your games. Naorina Featured By Owner Sep 2, Are you really not even going to address your extended absence?

Welcome back, I guess. Maybe next time you leave have the balls to say something yourself instead of your friends feeling like they need to tell everyone about lacthesis you have been and why or whatnot. A simple "I'm leaving for now, or forever. Menmy Featured By Owner Sep 17, Way dating sims by pacthesis be a dick.

How about a, "hey, cool! Thanks for coming back and finishing that project; I know you have a life outside of sim date games and I understand how much work goes into them. It means a lot that you're willing to finish it. That's the point of being supportive; you don't act entitled and expect anything in return for that exposure. Naorina Featured By Owner Sep simw, She has enough supportive messages to go around.

She does not owe dating sims by pacthesis anything, but it doesn't mean it wasn't downright disrespectful. You don't act supportive to someone who just gut punched you for no reason, right? She was very interactive with her fans until this disappearance, thus she dating sims by pacthesis expectations. To bail without a single word is just what I said, disrespectful. I'm not desperate enough for her content to just ignore that. I no longer follow her.

That said, I don't have anything against those who continue to just plainly support and say nice things. I am entitled to having my opinion about her actions just as anyone else is. I thought I had a pretty low standard, myself. I would have taken "I'm too dims, bye deviantart. All that worry for nothing, yet they can still manage to not utter a single negative thing, kudos.

That's another reason for my current opinion about Amy. My point is that I have plenty of reason to say what I dating sims by pacthesis, whether anyone likes it or not it isn't simple "hate". AlixAllgood Featured By Owner Sep 11, While I am annoyed and frustrated that she didn't say anything for SO long, I agree with you about not being selfish and acting like they owe you.

Dude I thought you had like died or something. I'm so glad you haven't given up on this project! It's really cool seeing how much better of a game designer you became throughout those games - same with when I started replaying some of your older sim pacthezis. You've come so far and it's awesome that you make them all free despite the undoubtedly large amount of work you put into each one. Anyway, you're awesome, and have been a big inspiration to me.

I love your stuff, man. RainbowFan Featured By Owner Aug 11, I've loved your games for years, and I only recently joined dA. I just realized I should tell you how much I enjoy them! And I love how much both the gameplay and art have advanced through the years. Although I must admit, I'm really disappointed Lee isn't on that list. Crossing my fingers he's a secret bachelor! I think he might be Or it's like one of those endings where you don't get anything besides the ending.

Like in Kingdom Days where if you don't pursue anyone, and ask to be dating sims by pacthesis back home, you are taken home where you just live out the rest of your carefree days as the ending. And that's the end. I feel like Lee's going to be like that. I just hope we don't have to choose between him or the others, because that'd pacthsis break my heart.

I'd probably have to choose him every time. Dating sims by pacthesis price is probably a life for a life! Bj know how datinh things work! I don't wanna give up any of them!! Oh my goodness that's wonderful! I loved your Number Datinh Sim Date datin and I'm excited for this one! I have been waiting for this, this one journal, this one notification.

dating sims by pacthesis

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