Duke energy power hookup

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duke energy power hookup

duke energy power hookup

Page 1 of 2 1 2 Last Jump to page: Results 1 to 10 of Thread Tools Show Printable Version Email this Page… Search Thread. MJW View Profile View Forum Posts Private Message. Join Date Feb Posts Duke Energy question I due a duke energy power hookup trailer park in Hookuup Richmond, OH and the utility company is Duke Energy. I have a tenant who has not deviantart dating sims games his electric bill or duke energy power hookup and had his electric service disconnected.

He has broken the seal and reconnected his service twice. My on site manager told me that in the past Duke Energy has cut the underground feeder to the duke energy power hookup when a tenant did the same thing. He also said the previous owner of the park had to pay to repair the feeder. My question is if this sounds like something Duke Energy would do?

I don't live in that part of the country or had dealings with Duke Energy but I have never heard of a utility doing something like this. I don't think my on site manager would intentionally misinform me and I'm hoping he just has some facts confused. Thanks in advance for any insight you duke energy power hookup give me. Join Date Jan Posts 8, By cut I figure they mean they disconnect it, not snip it in two with bolt cutters.

If they damage your equipment by cutting it with duke energy power hookup cutters, they should be responsible for the repair. Again, I doubt that is what happens. If the contract for power is between the tenant and Duke, you should not be charged anything as you are not party to the agreement and can't be held accountable for the dispute between these parties unless you somehow stick your nose in it.

If you are hooku; responsible party but are selling to the tenant under some sub agreement, it is your responsibility to control what goes on on your side of the meter. Originally Posted by MJW. He hokup said powerr previous owner of the park had to pay to repair the duke energy power hookup Thanks for the response mivey. Your reply makes me feel a lot better about duke energy power hookup situation.

My on site guy made it sound like they had to dig up hhookup feeder to make the hookuo which doesn't make sense to me. It sure seems easier to have the guy arrested for theft of services than to drag a backhoe out there. My first call in the morning will be to Duke but at least for tonight I feel a little better. For a minute I thought I might have to hire an electrician in Ohio and we all know how expensive they can be.

Join Date Apr Location Atlanta,GA Posts 5, Originally Posted by growler. As far as having to hire an electrician it would be typical for you to have to get an electrician to have power restored. Once power has been stolen the power company will probably require that you get an electrician to permit the trailer hook up and get an inspection before power is restored. The reason they would cut the feeder is because duke energy power hookup mobile home parks there powerr often two or more trailers metered at on service drop.

They can't cut power at the pole or transformer without turning off a paying customer so they put the booties on and if that doesn't do it then a barrel lock but if all else fails they probably would cut the feeder as a dangerous and unauthorized connection. Yes, I think "any" power company would cut the feeder if it keeps getting hooked up illegally. And they will make it as hard expensive as possible to get power restored. Duke energy power hookup Posted by mivey.

Seems to me that is not your problem. And if that cost comes, it should be passed along to the new tenant as part of the move-in cost. Mivey if you want to look at this as who's responsible it's the owner. The owner of a property is responsible for what happens on that property. It's the mobile home park that decided to rent to a tenant that's a bum and poor credit risk. The power company can't refuse service if the person has the deposit money.

I have had to restore power for the same tenant that was stealing power and so long as the fines are paid they have no choice. I did one where a local church paid the fines and back electric bills. Now, the owner of the property has the right to try and collect any money they are out from the tenant the person that stole power. If he didn't pay his rent there is a fat chance of that. You don't have a right to an electrical connection unless duke energy power hookup bills are paid and any unauthorized connection can be disconnected stealing power makes it an unauthorized connection.

If they say it's a dangerous connection they can do so by whatever means are necessary.

duke energy power hookup

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